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Slotted Plaque©

Lock-out Keys
These rare Yale & Towne lockout keys were made from 1890 to 1900 and used to lock post office doors from the inside the box if it was unrented or if the rent was delinquent. Most are stamped with the Yale & Towne logo. A must for all collectors.

Slotted Plaque©

Antique brass plate or antique silver plate, any mix that totals:
1-24: $7.85 ea.
25-99: $5.80 ea.
*100+: $4.70 ea.
Please do not resell/sell, in bulk, plaques© to anyone without our prior approval.

*Water-slide Decal Numbers
50 pieces (0-9)
1/2” high, gold/red, 1 set of 50: $4
11/16” high red/gold, 1 set of 50: $4

Please call us at 603-671-7670. if you have any other needs. Shipping costs will be billed as orders are filled. We accept checks and PayPal.

*Check or money order is preferred after establishing a credit history with us.

Water-slide Decal
and Paper Numbers
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